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YAMAGUCHI MICA CO., LTD. has been manufacturing ground mica powder and other processed items since the foundation in 1951.
The needs of mica powder has been increasing with risen attention because the mica generates a synergistic effect being used as a material in cosmetic, plastics and paint. We have been pursuing technology development in order to respond the needs of customer.
Manufacturing process of mica powder is classified in two types; one is wet-grinding using water, another is dry-grinding without water. The figure below explains the manufacturing process of both methods..
Wet-grinding method creates flat and smooth powder with high aspect ratio as the breaking force is absorbed with water. In addition, high refinement and fine size adjustment are possible because removal of impurities such as iron, etc and sizing of particles are done in slurry.
Comparing dry-grinding, it is less efficient on grinding and needs complicated equipment and process (dehydration, drying, heat treatment). And it results in small production capacity and high cost.
However, we stick to this method as put our priority on high quality and performance produced by wet-grinding method.

One of the characteristics of mica is that grinding produces flaky powders with high aspect ratio (long diameter/ thickness) which is the most important factor and determines the performance of particle. Our original grinding machine developed as the result of trial and error succeeded in production of mica powder which is extremely thin and has high aspect ratio and smooth surface. And our highly accurate classification techniques enables to provide the product with the particle size most appropriate to the needs of our customer.

The photos show SEM views of mica powder processed with Yamaguchi wet-grinding, commercial ball-mill wet-grinding and jet-mill dry-grinding. Particles of our product are flatter,smoother and thinner and this is the reason why our products are appreciated and differentiates the performance which creates excellent effect that other makers can never realize.

YAMAGUCHI wet-ground mica Ball-mill wet-ground mica Jet-mill dry-ground mica

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